Together, let’s change the world !
The @Vitam foundation offers an open space where
all can freely play a role

I have an ambitious project for the world and I’m looking for :

  • Comptetent people
  • A communication space
  • An organisation
  • Means

I’m interested

I support projects and offer means that are :

  • Financial
  • Structural
  • Operational

I’m interested

I’m willing to offer my services in order to help amazing projects and people. I can share :

  • My vision to the world
  • My competences
  • My experiences

I’m interested

In Brief, the foundation offers you the opportunity
to develop your sustainable projects with a community who shares its ressources :

A connection with an available and committed network
Regular meetings for sharing, thinking, acting
The optimized and audited support of your administrative and executive management
Experience, knowledge and open mindness
The reassurance of your partners with the institutional image of a public benefit foundation
An highlighted visibility in the sustainable sector
The encountering with numerous meaningful innovative projects

@VITAM.ORG, expand projects, ease action

The @Vitam foundation has for objective
to connect and extend the reach of
environmental and societal pojects

Are you with us ?

The @vitam foundation was created in 2013 by a collective of entrepreneurs who are conscious of the impact of the different crises our society and planet are facing. We actively welcome ideas that are capable of making a difference, transgress our models and invent new ways of consumption, production. We act for the greater interest !

Our amazing community creates connections, unites generations and ambitions of each


for all

* Young and old, of all origins, let’s share our super-powers


@vitam promotes projects with large impact through the mobilization of means and resources in a philosophy and process which escapes short-term trends.

Our approach of « slow development » offers entrepreneurs the possibility to bring to maturity and ground their projects virtuously.


Cooperation empowers




Stakeholders, experts, sponsors or members of the administration
council of @Vitam …



Curiosity for the benefit of another world

Emilie de Riollet de Morteuil

Sustainability and health expert

Combine the resources and defy constraints !

Frédérik Leloup

Administrator delegate – Leader of the fonds

Education Abundance and engagement

Dream and make dream, for more meaningful and pacific relations in the world !

Françoise Cantraine

Co-founder of SEVE Belgium

The common sense and dreams in action

Aline Frankfort

Bring into light counter-stories from the future

Put things in their right order !

Frédérick Graulich

Administrator delegate – Leader of Nutrition Nature

From dreams to reality

Fanny Demeulder

School Transformation Program – École du Dialogue

Ayoub Assaban

Project activator

Serve freedom with flexibility

Ihsane Haouach

Social entrepreneur & trainer

Our differences enrich us

Charles Van Der Haegen

Pacificator and creator of new models

The questioning of hypotheses

Lionel Barets

President – Architect of the governances

The beautiful way of doing

Manoëlle Thienpont

Leader of “The little philosophers society” program – Co-founder of SEVE Belgium

The beautiful way of doing

Ease new behaviours by freeing creativity

Brigitte Durruty

Facilitator of new behaviors


Natalya Berdikyan

School transformation Program – International Relations

Serve one another with leadership

Karim Chemlal

Connector of worlds and cultures

Shared faith

Henri De TroosteMbergh

Next generation influencer

Make the impossible possible

Jean-Louis Baudoin

From the perceived impossible to the reality

Fabienne Malaise

Enchantress of spaces and life places

Achieving our part for a better world


Sociologist and author

Man sees into the world what he carriers within

Individual and collective empowerment of women

Chloé de bon

Director of the documentary Flower of Life & Founder of the association FEMMESProd

« OurBodyOurselves »

Offer your energy and your support

@vitam’s magical values

Our commitment : Is entrepreneurship a genuine act of love ?

Transmit a mind set free from judgment, that is joyful, ambitious and engaging
Be caring towards the environment and what surrounds it
Be open to the unknown and the unpredictable
Be hopeful and grateful, beyond fears and obstacles
Use available resources and insure their renewal
Raise your conscience till you give and receive without counting

Together we make it remarkable !

@vitam is recognized as a public benefit foundation by the belgian authorities.
It strives to have a better impact and unite remarkable people of all age all around the world.

@vitam is an independent organization, based on a crowdsourcing model, where all who are keen of joining with a project, competences or positive energy are welcome.
Its governance is open to the remarkable diversity and is driven by a council of administrators just as open minded. It is composed of administrators, entrepreneurs, co-founders.

Its accounts are audited and approved without comments by an external mandatory auditor.

@vitam’s mission is to stimulate local and global cooperation for sustainable development