“We can't change the past, but we can change the future. It's now in your hands...”

Nelson Mandela


1. The Foundation

@vitam.org is an independent, non-profit foundation recognized of public utility and established in 2013 in Brussels under Belgian law.


It is based on a open model of crowdsourcing where everyone willing to contribute with a project, skills or positive energy is welcome to do so.


An Executive Board of 8 Co-Founding Directors-Entrepreneurs governs the foundation. Its accounts are reviewed and audited with comments by an auditor.


The mission of @vitam.org is to stimulate the local and global cooperation for sustainable development.


Sustainable development of our society enhances the human quality of life while creating a positive impact on our environment.


Cooperation means people working or acting together for their common/mutual benefit, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit.


In practice, @vitam.org makes best practices easily accessible to the citizen in order to allow him/her to:

  • share and access existing and positive acts and actors, near him/her and elsewhere;
  • support collective projects;
  • spread his/her involvement on social networks.



2. Why @vitam.org?

Alarmed by a series of reports about the crisis of our modern world, @vitam.org was created by positive citizens’ initiatives.



It is because the citizen has the power to change the world, that easy access to find the answers to the frequently asked questions is necessary in order to act consciously and federate his\her entourage to act positively.


What can I do?

What is worth doing?

What is the best thing to do?

Who can I help or support?

Who else is getting involved?

What is the impact of our acts?


@vitam.org answers the citizens’ questions and recognizes the importance of easy accessibility to all positive acts and actors, both on a local and global level.


When you simplify, globalize, and have a positive attitude towards sustainable development, you will motivate an increasing number of citizens to come together and implement actions to amplify the transition to a better world, both locally and globally.


@vitam.org facilitates the positive action taken by and for the citizen.



3. Our team

The foundation consists of an Executive Board of 8 Co-Founding Directors, and is supported by the Circle of Founding Members.


It is also composed of an Advisory Board that comprises a team of international experts and opinion leaders in sustainability related topics; from food security to resource efficiency, including new business model experts, inspiring leaders, ...
They foster the measurement tool used to select best practices.
They validate the evaluation process of final performance indices and ranking of acts and projects.


@Vitam.org would like to thank their Honorary Members for their support and inspiration.


@Vitam.org would like to thank their Partners for their support, resources and the increase of visibility they give to the foundation.


Find here how to join the @vitam.org team by visiting our page « Get Involved »



4. Join us

Join here the citizens of the world who act on their own levels for a positive change!