“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”

A. Einstein


1. Select inspiring initiatives

@vitam.org selects initiatives around the world that demonstrate best practices in sustainability.


Every day thousands of citizens around the world launch collective projects or set up individual acts which benefit both society and the environment.


Initiatives are selected by the @vitam.org team according to pre-defined criteria.



2. Measure & ranking performances

For each initiative, @vitam.org calculates a global performance indicator based on 10 performance indicators of sustainability, divided into the 3 pillars of sustainable development: the Environment, the Humanity and the Feasibility.


The environment indicators represent the impact generated on the air, the ground, the water and the biodiversity in general, fauna and flora. A positive impact is represented by a high score.

The humanity indicators are inspired by the Human Development Index used by the United Nations Development Program in the annual evaluation of a country human's development.

The feasibility indicators complete the measurement tool to evaluate whether an initiative is easy to implement, is widely reproductible and does not create an unbearable financial burden.

The evaluation process works as follows:



The global performance indicator  aims to be a useful tool for the citizens by providing guidance in the field of sustainability. By evaluating and ranking the initiatives according to their performances, @vitam.org can promote those that showed the best global impacts.

The Advisory board of experts validates the scores before publicly promoting the acts and projects on the platform (for explanation of this terminology, look below).


3. Stimulate individual acts

@vitam.org helps choosing citizens world wide, based on their life style preferences, the best fitting actions to commit to in their daily lives.

  Every individual daily action has an impact on the environment or/and society. What are the actions and/or habits I can adopt or decide to follow? What are the practices with the most impact which are likely to lead to new sustainable worldwide habits when replicated by 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1 million people?   Examples of acts:




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4. Promote collective projects

@vitam.org offers citizens a pragmatic way to choose the best projects to fund, support, replicate or get involved in.

  Example of projects: Project-Nutrition-[EN] Project-Desert-[EN]    

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5. Support sustainable projects

@vitam.org provides support to highest ranked sustainability projects.


In the long term, we aim to use 80% of contributions directly for supporting projects. The remaining 20% would go to the multimedia platform and application management and continuous improvement, essential overheads and technology.


As a Public Benefits Foundation under Belgian law, the projects @vitam.org support meet the objectives set out by the Belgian Development Cooperation based on article 3 of the law on international cooperation of 25 May 1999. The Executive Board of Directors will decide which projects to support based on their ranking and number of followers, and also with regard to @vitam.org’s financial means.


6. Connect with social networks

@vitam.org's multimedia platform and application will interconnect social networks to generate « green nudges » and boost best sustainable practices.


Be the first to get the app: a unique multimedia tool where citizens around the world connect with one another to spread a positive view on sustainability.


Create your @vitam.org profile and discover which @vitam.org solutions suit you best. Enter your lifestyle, assess the impact of your actions or involvement, learn, share, like, follow, initiate, act, support, connect and enjoy sustainability!


@vitam.org recommends actions or projects that suit YOU.





The solutions adopted or supported by an @vitam.org member on one side of the earth, can be followed by many more on the other side, in real time and in their own language.


According to your profile preferences, you will be able to decide in a few clicks what you want to follow, share or be involved in.


You are invited to vote for a project and follow suggested actions. All commitments and posts will be seen on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)


Your profile will receive its own tailor-made information - everything YOU need to know!


A donors’ platform will be integrated in this network. See "Get involved"