“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”



1. Join us now as active citizens around the planet


Each of us can create positive sustainability: learn, initiate, act, support, connect, enjoy, … and together we can expand the positive effect.



Join our facebook group and like our page to interact.

2. Donate now & contribute to @vitam.org best practices


Give a drop, a river or an ocean!

With every drop, we can amplify each action!


You can donate once or consider making a monthly or annual contribution.


Donate to @vitam .org Public Benefit Foundation

  • In the long term, we aim to use 80% of contributions directly to support projects. The remaining 20% goes to the platform/app management and continuous improvements, essential overheads and technology.
  • You can also make a bank transfer to @vitam.org
    Bank account :Triodos
    Account : BE98 5230 8055 0693
    Reference : Name-surname
    Donations to @vitam.org do not yet qualify for tax-deductibility.

3. Join our Circle of Founding Members


Founding Members are the initiators of @vitam.org; the first donors enabling @vitam.org to set up its activities.


You share our vision of a positive and sustainable world.

You would like to invest in your own future, in a shrewd and sensible idea. In return you expect the world you dream of living in.

Join the Circle of Founding Members!

Would you like to be recognized for this?


The first 50 donors, each contributing €5,000 and upward, will be included in the “Circle of Founding Members” and qualify for a position as an active member on the Board of Directors.


Would you like to know more? Please get in touch by e-mail, or meet with us to discuss the opportunity. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Contact us

4. Join our Partners


A partner is a person or an organisation involved in sustainability related topics.
@vitam.org and Partners share competences and exchange ideas and knowledge on each other's initiatives in order to amplify common results and success.


We work with a network of partners around the globe sharing the vision of a positive and sustainable world: foundations, local and international non-profit organisations, academics, media and social media, private and public sector organisations, governmental bodies, …


We are continuously looking to expand our network of partners in all regions of the world, as we believe that having local knowledge, expertise, and support is an essential part of our model.


If You want to participate in the global amplification movement and leverage your own initiative, let’s meet. Contact us.

5. Join our Advisory Board


Our Advisory Board comprises a team of international experts and opinion leaders in sustainability related topics; from food security to resource efficiency, including new business model experts, inspiring leaders, ...


They foster the measurement tool used to select best practices.

They validate the evaluation process of final performance indices and ranking of acts and projects.


Do you wish to make your valuable expertise available to all, and to participate in the global amplification movement?

Let’s meet! Contact us.

6. Join our Honorary Members


An Honorary Member is an inspirational person or organization committed in either sustainability or a related area.


Honorary members have no duty to @vitam.org, just the desire to use their international visibility and influence to inspire others to become positively involved.



  • are inspirational;
  • have international visibility and influence;
  • give your time to engage in sustainability matters;
  • are listened to. And, your actions, common sense and wisdom are widely followed;
  • have the power to amplify.And, we wish to partner with you!


@vitam.org is counting on you!


And if you are not famous, but you share deep sustainability values and you are involved in a breakthrough innovation, positively impacting the environment - perhaps locally - somewhere in a remote place in the world, it is @vitam.org's duty to give you the necessary visibility to amplify your action.


Please get in touch with us and let's meet to discuss the opportunity. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

7. Suggest acts, projects, oraganizations & citizens

As a committed citizen, you are welcome to suggest new acts that you believe can make a positive difference ; collective projects to support, follow or become involved in ; organizations acting for a better world ; or even citizens that have an impact and would be willing to join @vitam.org.